Manufacturing of HUT products

We use high-quality beams with a minimum cross-section of 44x94 mm as the wood foundation for HUT small houses; our lightweight buildings do not require a separate foundation.

High quality lumber

HUT’s small houses are made of dry and carefully selected Nordic sawn spruce timber.

Planed profiles

We plane the necessary profiles in our own factory, which enable us to ensure the consistently good quality of our products.

High quality end result

We make the doors of HUT small houses from laminated timber, which does not warp or change its shape. We order the windows that open and some premium class doors from companies that have specialized in their production, to ensure the best possible quality.

Accessories for HUT small houses

We have selected only the best quality and long-lasting accessories for assembling HUT small houses: cylinder locks, adjustable hinges, etc.

Door handles


Door hinges

Possibility of additional insulation

To extend the period of use, we offer you the opportunity to add additional insulation to your HUT small house. There are two ways to do this: either you buy a set of additional insulation and insulate it yourself, or you buy ready-made elements already insulated by us.
We offer EPS thermal insulation boards with a thickness of 35 mm for walls, and 65 mm for floors and ceilings.

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