Roof over your head

HUT manufactures a wide range of lightweight wooden buildings, ensuring that you are able to place necessary objects and operations under a roof / or put the type of roof you need over your head – we produce BBQ huts and garden houses, kiosks and home offices, caravans and shelters, saunas and modular houses from prefabricated components.

HUT’s products

The prefabricated components of high-quality lightweight buildings produced by HUT are easy to assemble according to their respective instructions, with a detailed user manual helping you to do so. A durable frame construction is created by connecting together the frames of different elements using screws, which will help your future garden house or auxiliary building to stand soundly and for a long time. The doors and windows of construction works are in most cases already attached to the wall details, and the set also includes all the necessary fastening devices.

Advantages of HUT products

We are constantly updating HUT’s product portfolio in order to offer high-class, unique, and highly functional small houses, alongside mass produced products, on the market.

We use 3D technology to design all of our manufactured construction works, which guarantees the accuracy we need.
On average, we only need 2–3 weeks to complete a construction work.

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