Shelter 8,7m²

8.7 m²
Base area
240 x 364 cm
External wall dim.
222 x 351 cm
Internal dim.
7.8 m²
Floor area
19 mm
Wall board thickness
191 cm
Front wall height
19 mm
Roof construction
11.6 m²
Roof area
20 °
Roof pitch
246 cm
Ridge height
16 cm
Eaves (front)
16 cm
Eaves (sides)
23 cm
Eaves (back)
44 x 94 / 32 x 65 mm
Roof beams
44 x 94 mm
Floor beams
19 mm
Floor beams
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Because the products have many different options we kindly ask you to send initial price request after which we can prepare a more detailed offer for you. The boards come in natural and untreated way and we suggest you to paint the boards right before or after installation. These base prices that are shown do not include roofing, transportation or installation. Thank You!

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