Greenhouse 8,7m²

  • The structure of the greenhouses is made of high-quality wooden material, covered with 4 mm laminated plastic (polycarbonate).
  • Base beams 68 x 68 mm are treated with a wood preservative.
  • No special foundation is needed, but the base must be smooth and level.
  • Frame plank 44 x 68 mm- we recommend treating with a wood preservative before assembly.
  • Assembly instructions and necessary fasteners are included.

Features of laminated plastic:

Laminated plastic is weatherproof.
A special coating protects the material from UV radiation.
Polycarbonate has very good heat retention and light transmission.
Laminated plastic is environmentally friendly, and after the end of its use, the material can be recycled and reused.
The material does not burn independently.

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Because the products have many different options we kindly ask you to send initial price request after which we can prepare a more detailed offer for you. The boards come in natural and untreated way and we suggest you to paint the boards right before or after installation. These base prices that are shown do not include transportation or installation. Thank You!

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Includes 22% VAT

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